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Customer Journey Mapping & RFP Drafting for Fair App

The Marketplace App is a mobile application released under HKTDC's name and it has been launched since early 2000s. Driven mainly by functional enhancements in the past years, HKTDC PEC had initiated requests to leverage external consultancy services to reassess the app’s values and purpose, such that the department can better serve the right audience and respective needs at the right time.

There was a Positioning Study done back in Apr 2019, and the business unit took some time to digest the findings and handle communications within the Council (cross departments). Upon confirming to kickstart the Product Development, the Turn Right team (operating under the name of AF Trinity Technologies back then) took on the role to detailedly mapped out the Customer Journeys and Product Roadmap for their RFP, while leveraging knowledges of the internal departmental operations, different service components and the targeted user bases in the sourcing cycle. With these pre-development design/ project planning done, it would be easier for the business unit to maximize the Marketplace App’s value and usability in both functions and features.

Mobile apps these days have become an essential channel for accessibility of services, promotions and information. At the same time, the market has been flooded with new products and services, changing and generating new user/ customer expectations and habits. In the old days we can develop a product and push to market via marketing efforts, but now it is an age where a product's success is driven by customer success, thus pulls the product design.

Highlights of the project:
- image of exhibition journey
- gain points/ pain points journey
- RFP cover masked with 'confidential'/ 'draft'

  • Hong Kong Trade Development Council

  • Semi-Government Organization

  • Jan - May 2020