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Office Address:3/F, 166 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Data Visualization & Analytic Platform UX/ UI Design

The client is a credit bureau founded and funded by banking and financial institutions. It serves the credit referencing industry in Hong Kong by providing professional and secure data intelligence services. The Credit Risk Management system is designed as a cloud system for banks to check credit information about different entities, and analyze risks on business partnerships.

Nova Credit has a professional team of data scientists and mathematicians, who deal with raw data from different incoming sources daily. In order to translate the meaning in the figures and relationship between tables for clients' easy understanding, Nova Credit initiated a project to look at how to represent the boring (to general clients) yet massive data via visual friendly interfaces and arrangements, while also not losing meaning of the source data.

Our team spent time to follow through the data scientists' works and routines in order to fully understand how the data shall be best presented. We then based on general clients' acceptance level and come up with GUI designs.

  • Nova Credit Limited

  • Banking & Finance

  • 2018 Nov - 2019 Aug