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We turn, translate and realize experiences into designs... isn't that about right?

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Operation Performance Optimization Product Design UX/ UI Design Service Blueprint Change Management Web/ App Development Business Process Improvement Interaction Design
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It's a long way to go
to launch a good product...

The way we work?
Diagnose / Research / Design / Development

We work collaboratively with our clients to link strategic visions up with calculated execution, in order to achieve tangible, long-term value.


Diagnosing is about strategic planning.

We believe in solving the right problems rather than just having the problems solved. Diagnosing is about understanding your situation, identifying the right problem(s), and strategically planning the next steps for you. Tell us about the current state and the desired to-be, we will strategize the to-dos and come up with a solid project plan.

Why is strategy important? Strategic planning can help you:
- reduce risks on product direction, development progress, transition management, launch schedule..., etc
- identify areas that need extra attention or cost
- set out an effective timeline to align expectations from all stakeholders
- define the problem-to-solve such that research effort is not wasted

Our strategic planning approach:

Stakeholders interview
We value the opportunities to listen to project directors/ owners for the product or even organizational visions. Understanding operation difficulties from technical partners and subject matter experts are also important.
Background research
We catch the time to understand your business goals and study the business backgrounds in order for us to get into the scene quick. We then analyze the competitive landscape, and market/ user expectations.
With all the information collected and analyzed, we will estimate on the potential risks and issues, and fine-tune before setting the scope and timeline. This practice allows clients and us to align better and head towards a right direction.

We discover opportunities from the market(s).

The business landscape is always fast-moving, and the gameplay becomes increasingly competitive. Organizations shall spend effort to constantly evaluate the business operations and performances in order to strive for operational excellence and competitive advantage.

We help you find value from users.

In order to design, create and humanize a product or an ecosystem which the product is in, we make use of design thinking, behavioural insights & user research to ensure users or customers are taken care of.

What we offer:

Market research Competitive analysisProduct benchmarking
User behavior observationUsability testingExpert interview

Based on insights generated from previous rounds of research and co-brainstorm, we take the knowledge and translate it into interactive wireframes and prototypes.

We produce anything from basic wireframes and/ or low-fidelity prototypes for rapid user testing cycles; to high-fidelity prototypes with detailed visualization and interactions to depict the full experience of a design. Clients can use the high-fidelity prototypes to give a sneak peek to excite the audiences in conferences or events.

Why are the 'prototypes' important? Wireframe:
Our team of designers host the job of visualizing/ conceptualizing potential solutions for clients. Ideas would be visuzlized onto simple & interactive wireframes; along with adequate communication, clients can move beyond the wires and ahead with the project.

Mockup/ low-fidelity prototype:
Upon mutual understanding on an idea, we will gather feedbacks and further transform the wireframes into mockups/ lo-fi prototypes, in order give clients a realistic perspective of how things are going to shape up.

High-fidelity prototype:
After the lo-fi prototype, the team will move onto producing a hi-fi interactive one. It resembles almost the exact user experiences as the real application, behaving and acting like an actual future-state product.
Sometimes clients will come up with new innovative ideas after interacting with the high-fidelity prototype, of course we are happy to further communicate and iterate, while keeping the overall timeline in control.

Visualizing the desired future-state:


Development is the stage where we gathered all inputs and finalize such, then build a highly usable, engaging and marketable product.

On enterprise-scale projects, we are happy to work with internal IT teams or external technology partners, where they pick up the backend coding or system integration works (processes that support a digital product's completion); we can help with UAT or usability test after development sprints end. For projects like these, we will deliver high-fidelity layouts in formats like .psd, or html + css, depending on project needs.

For other projects, our development team can take on the jobs of design, coding, implementation, performance testing and bug fixing. Please contact us for more details about how we may help!

Our scope of core competency include web, mobile apps, digital product innovations and physical interactive experiences. We have experiences on work using a waterfall, agile or hybrid process - from project management, source code control, SIT/ UAT, release management to QA, we keep clients informed and in control.

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